Friday, June 6, 2014

Thing 10

Fun apps for personal use.  I didnt find much of an application for work.  Perhaps if attending a conference and sending some quick snaps back it could apply.

Thing 9

Yes!!  I do enjoy using apps for the camera and being able to easily add some framing, text, etc.  These apps were new to me and I will probably utilize some of them personally.  Since we have a section that is responsible for graphic design I dont see much of an application for professional use.

Thing 8

Twitter is used at our library as well as facebook.  I do utilize facebook personally a little but I dont like twitter.  Texting seems relevant but I think that facebook is overused.  It will be interesting to see what other options will be available in the future.

Thing 7

Pintrest is great and I use it very often in my personal life.  There are a variety of possible applications for work.  It is a useful application for sharing ideas throughout the library community.  Posting pics of displays, special sections, or equipment are just a few of the possibilities.

Thing 6

I am working on my phone so I didnt find this application really helpful.  In the work environment I believe the devices have enough editing capability so I dont see a real practical application for these.

Thing 5

I use note taking all the time in my personal life.  I am most familiar with ink pad but sid find some of the other options that were suggested had some good functions that are not available on inkpad.  Through work I don't now that I would use it as often.

Thing 4

I actually prefer to continue receiving my information as I am currently set up for.  However,  I found it interesting to gave been made aware of how rhese feeds function.